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Continuous Casting Machines

Continuous casting allows metals and alloys to be stretched, shaped and solidified without the need for an interruption, reducing waste while improving yield, cost efficiency, and quality. RANA is its specialist for long product continuous casting. in close cooperation, we offer you solutions according to the market demand and your specific requirements.

Main Products

  • Casting Equipment
  • Tundish
  • Tundish Car
  • Moveable Control Pulpit
  • Emergency System and Slag Boxes
  • Ladle Turret System or Ladle Casting Car
  • Mould Assembly
  • Mould Level Measuring System
  • Mould Oscillation Mechanism
  • Preheating Station for Tundish Nozzle
  • Strand Equipment
  • Strand Guide
  • Spray Header
  • Withhdrawal and Straightening Unit
  • Dummy Bar Equipment
  • Dummy Bar Head
  • Dummy Bar Storage Unit
  • Torch Cutting Equipment
  • Roller Table
  • Cooling Bed
  • Hydraulic System for CCM
  • Pneumatic System for CCM
  • Compressed Air System for CCM
  • Oxygen System for CCM
  • Natural Gas System for CCM
  • Central Lubrication System for CCM
  • Mould Cooling System
  • Secondary Cooling System
  • Tundish Relining Strand
  • Stream Exhauster
  • Measurement Length of Billet System
  • Electric and Automation System for CCM
  • Low Voltage System for CCM
  • Mcb System for CCM
  • Automation System for CCM
  • Plc System for CCM
  • Moul Level Control System for CCM
  • Hmi System for CCM

Innovative Products and Service

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